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ThePatient Experience Journal (PXJ)is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-method journal focused on the research and proven practices around understanding and improving patient experience.

ThePatient Experience Journal (PXJ) is designed to share ideas and research, and reinforce key concepts that impact the delivery of service, safety and quality and their influence on the experience of patients and families across healthcare settings.


ThePatient Experience Journalbrings both scholars and healthcare professionals together to engage in the latest discussion of efforts to improve the patient experience. The journal provides scholars the best in research, theory, and methodology, while also informing professionals on issues that will impact their work along the healthcare continuum and across the range of healthcare settings from primary to acute care, long term care to home health, outpatient efforts to surgery centers, and more. The unifying concept for all articles in PXJ will be a focus on patient experience, broadly defined. Specifically, PXJ is focused on four related audiences:

  1. Researchers exploring patient, organizational and process issues that impact the delivery of service, quality and safety
  2. Healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds and settings who want to base their practice on relevant knowledge and best practices
  3. Patients and family members who actively engage and/or by default are impacted by systemic and organizational healthcare decisions in their need for care
  4. Policymakers and other leaders examining the impact organizational, societal and policy decisions can have on the actions of patients and those working on the delivery of healthcare services.