Frequently Asked Questions

In what format should articles be submitted?

All authors are encouraged to fully review PXJ's author guidelines prior to submission. All submissions should follow the parameters laid out in PXJ's style guide.

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Are there associated fees in submitting to or publishing in Patient Experience Journal?

As an open access, peer reviewed journal Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) follows the full transparency standards set forth by the Directory of Open Access Journals (https://doaj.org/bestpractice). While many open access journals do charge administrative or publication fees, PXJ has no associated fees connected to submission and/or publication and no article processing charges (APCs).

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What is the timing of your review process/what happens after I submit an article?

Submissions to PXJ are accepted on an ongoing basis and should follow the requested submission types and adhere to author guidelines. PXJ typically publishes twice annually in April and November and submissions are considered for an issue once deemed ready for publication, not directly based on date of submission. We encourage and welcome your submissions.

Submitting authors will be notified of the initial editorial decision to send their submission to review within 30 days of the receipt of a completed submission. All submissions follow a full double-blind review process. Submissions that are selected to go to review typically receive notification of initial publication decisions within 120 days, though timing may vary due to reviewer response. We are committed to actively keeping authors appraised of the status of your submission. You can begin the submission process here.

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How do I revise a submission?

To revise a submission that has been posted to the repository, contact the repository administrator with the new version.

If the submission has been submitted, but not yet posted, you may revise it via your My Account page:

  1. Locate the article on your My Account page, and click the title.
  2. Click Revise Submission from the list of options in the left sidebar.
  3. Enter your changes in the Revise Submission form, and click Submit at the bottom of the page to submit your changes. (You only need to modify the portion of the form that corresponds to the changes you wish to make.)

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What is Patient Experience Journal's ISSN?

PXJ's ISSN is located in the left column of every page of the site. It is 2372-0247.

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What is the policy for article use by authors?

Any uses of the article by the author, or of any work based substantially on the Article, shall include an appropriate citation to the Article, stating that it has been or is to be published in Patient Experience Journal, with name and date of the Journal publication and the Internet address for the website of the Journal.

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How do I subscribe to Patient Experience Journal?

As an open-access publication we do not have formal subscriptions, but we invite you to join our email list to receive notifications on the latest publications as well as updates and other pertinent news from PXJ. Click here to sign up.

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