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Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-method, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published in association with The Beryl Institute, the global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. You can register to receive additional information on patient experience from The Beryl Institute here.


Special Issue 2018: Patient & Family Experience in Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Care
PXJ's next special issue scheduled for July 2018. The window for submissions to this issue is now closed. We invite you to review the Special Issue call for submissions.

General Submissions
Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and should follow the requested submission types and adhere to author guidelines. An overview of the review process is also available via those guidelines.


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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1 (2018)


A framework for conceptualizing how narratives from health-care consumers might improve or impede the use of information about provider quality
Melissa L. Finucane, Steven C. Martino, Andrew M. Parker, Mark Schlesinger, Rachel Grob, Jennifer L. Cerully, Lise Rybowski, and Dale Shaller


How patients view their contribution as partners in the enhancement of patient safety in clinical care
Marie-Pascale Pomey, Nathalie Clavel, Ursulla Aho-Glele, Noemie Ferré, and Paloma Fernandez-McAuley


An exploration of patients’ experience of nurses’ use of point-of-care information technology in acute care
Leigh McNicol, Anastasia F. Hutchinson, Beverley Wood, Mari Botti, and Bernice Redley


Homeless and marginally housed Veteran perspectives on participating in a photo-elicitation research study
Keri L. Rodriguez, Daniel O. Hedayati, Lauren M. Broyles, Melissa E. Wieland, Michael A. Mitchell, James W. Conley, Shaddy K. Saba, and Adam J. Gordon


How to build a robust provider improvement partnership program to enhance patient experience – A case study
Venkat Iyer, Pamela Prissel, Karee Munson, Jennifer Eide, Rebecca Brustad, Nickie Kranz, Lukas P. Madson, and Beverly Frase