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Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) is an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-method, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published in association with The Beryl Institute, the global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. You can register to receive additional information on patient experience from The Beryl Institute here.


Special Issue 2019: The Role of Technology and Innovation in Patient Experience
A focus on technology and innovation will be essential in healthcare experience, requiring new ways of thinking and doing and the technologies and tools to ensure efficiencies, expand capacities and extend boundaries of care. PXJ's next special issue is scheduled for July 2019. Submissions for the special issue must be received by March 1, 2019. Review the 2019 Special Issue call for submissions.

General Submissions
Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and should follow the requested submission types and adhere to author guidelines. An overview of the review process is also available via those guidelines.


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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 (2018) Patient & Family Experience in Children’s Hospitals and Pediatric Care


Breaking bad news and the importance of compassionate palliative care of the infant
William S. Sessions II, Sean Y. Kow, Elizabeth Waldrop, Kayle Stevenson, Ayo Olanrewaju, Thu Tran, and Mubariz Naqvi


Caring moments within an interprofessional healthcare team: Children and adolescent perspectives
Amélia Didier, David Gachoud, Gabriela von Niederhäusern, Lazare Benaroyo, and Maya Zumstein-Shaha


The pediatric emergency department care experience: A quality measure
Terri L. Byczkowski, Kimberly A. Downing, Michael R. FitzGerald, Stephanie S. Kennebeck, Gordon L. Gillespie, and Evaline A. Alessandrini


Integrating the patient and caregiver voice in the context of pediatric, adolescent, and young adult care: A family-centered approach
Sarah K. Featherston, Beatriz N. Rozo, Danielle A. Buzanga, Alexandra M. Garcia, Joanne Greene, Laura K. Salvador, and Joan O'Hanlon-Curry


Wait time reality check: The convergence of process, perception, and expectation
Marian Hill, Lorianne Classen, Andrea Romay, and Erika Diaz


Condition Help: 10 years of experience enhancing our culture of family engagement
Andrew McCormick, Catherine Polak, Michael Fox, Michele Carlson, Charles Guthrie, Michael Decker, Diane Hupp, Gabriella Butler, and Andrew Urbach