Objectives & Principles

With the diverse healthcare audience in mind, Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) will publish a variety of articles designed to help individuals and organizations enact positive, successful patient experience actions and efforts. The specific objectives of the journal are to:

  • Present a range of conceptual frameworks that can be used in addressing patient experience challenges
  • Describe and document intervention techniques, consultation activities, emergent innovations, and educational practices that can influence and impact healthcare organizational decisions
  • Employ a full range of research science – from pure survey-based qualitative and quantitative investigations to observation and ethnographic exploration that provide insights to patient experience
  • Uncover new processes, programs and other opportunities for patient experience improvement
  • Provide opportunities for patient and family voice to inform or influence research and practice through contributions via commentaries, sharing lived experiences or direct studies

      Independent Perspective

      PXJ is a non-affiliated publication – meaning not directly vendor or provider related. As such, the journal is free to explore various areas, push boundaries and challenge conventions free of restrictions, considerations or organizational bias that impact patient experience.

      Interdisciplinary Scope

      PXJ approaches its content from a multidisciplinary perspective. Acknowledging that thoughts impacting patient experience may come from the perspectives of executive management, quality, safety, operational or clinical leadership, patients, residents and families or a variety of other roles/disciplines from organizations around the world.

      Comprehensive Coverage

      PXJ’s articles keep up with the evolution of the field and look to expand the conversation through innovation, providing the best and latest analyses on the spectrum of patient experience efforts encompassing service, quality and safety and include the voice of leaders, caregivers, patients and family members. Each volume will include a wide range of insightful and thought-provoking scholarship. Types of submissions sought are outlined in our author guidelines.


      For inquiries regarding Patient Experience Journal please contact:
      Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., Editor

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