PXJ Awards

The Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) Awards celebrate powerful contributions to the literature and articles of impact in research and practice and introduce rising stars who are working to expand evidence and insights on patient experience and the human experience in healthcare. Identified from the articles published in PXJ and selected by the Editorial Board based on criteria noted below, award recipients represent the rigor, thoughtfulness and vision seen in all the pieces published in the journal. PXJ remains committed to elevating the work of our authors and honoring the interest of our readers by bringing together a broad and comprehensive selection of cutting-edge articles from around the world. Award recipients are celebrated every year at The Beryl Institute's Elevate PX.

PXJ Awards Categories and Recipients

The awards recognize papers in the following categories (a full review of the awards and criteria can be reviewed here). Please note PXJ Awards recognize recipients from the volume (year) prior, so for example, the 2024 awards are presented to articles published in 2023. The awards information below has been updated to follow this pattern.

Award recipients include:


    BEST ARTICLE - EMERGING SCHOLAR. Lead author has completed a doctorate within the last 5 years.

    BEST ARTICLE - PRACTITIONER. Lead author is a professional from a healthcare delivery organization.

    MOST IMPACTFUL ARTICLE. Selected from all articles published over the last five volumes.<