Call for Reviewers

Patient Experience Journal is always looking for reviewers to support the process of presenting the leading edge thinking and research on healthcare topics related to and supportive of improving the patient experience. As a journal driven by the involvement and contributions of the global patient experience community, those submitting and those reviewing play equally important roles.

The charge of reviewers is to evaluate the quality, relevance, and merit of submitted papers. Comments should be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance to the field. Reviewers should consider themselves as mentors to the author(s) and comments should be specific and constructive and suggestions should be intended to enhance the manuscript.

To ensure that the manuscripts published meet the highest standards, each manuscript under consideration is sent to at least two qualified reviewers with expertise in the subject. Reviewers assess the article on criteria such as significance to the field, quality of research, and quality of writing, and then make one of three recommendations: accept the article, return it to the author(s) for revision, or reject. Generally, reviewers are asked to consider no more than two or three articles per year.

Reviewers are sought on a range of topics relevant to the patient experience including service quality and excellence, clinical quality and safety, healthcare policy, healthcare administration and leadership, and including clinical and non-clinical expertise, organization development and change understanding, patient and family perspective, measurement and metrics experience and engagement in the range of interventions and practices relevant to patient experience improvement.

You can review our full Peer Review Policy here.

Professional Requirements for Interested Individuals:

  • Provide a current electronic resume or curriculum vitae;
  • Provide a list of areas of expertise/focus that will help assign appropriate articles for review;
  • Provide a brief statement outlining previous peer review/editing experience and why he/she is interested in reviewing for Patient Experience Journal. Note: Such initiative of interest, in addition to excellent and frequent reviewing, is taken into consideration when the Editor extends invitations to join the Editorial Board.

Reviewer Commitments

  • Agree to return manuscripts in a timely manner, i.e. typically a 14-day timeframe;
  • Agree not to distribute manuscripts under review or to disclose information within the manuscript;
  • Agree to review the first revision of a manuscript for which he/she provided the initial review;
  • Agree to be released as a reviewer after two refusals or failures to review, or three late reviews;
  • Agree to be evaluated as a reviewer, which may influence future selection to review.

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, we ask you complete the online application. Please complete the application process here.

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Patient Experience Journal.