It is with great excitement that I welcome you to the inaugural issue of Patient Experience Journal (PXJ). This publication in so many ways epitomizes all that is right and good about the patient experience movement itself. That being: no one individual or organization owns this conversation or can claim to have every answer, but rather it is a true effort of a community of voices from research to practice, from caregivers to patients and family members, across the care continuum and into the reaches of resources provided and concepts yet unknown.

This journal is a product of and works to exemplify this powerful patchwork of people and ideas that offers such significant possibility in impacting the lives of all those engaging in healthcare systems around the globe. From this concept it was our intent to produce a publication that would pull together these various voices in one central place, to build on new thinking together and to engage in investigation and debate.

Formally, we describe PXJ as an international, multidisciplinary, and multi-method, open-access, peer-reviewed journal focused on the research and proven practices around understanding and improving patient experience. It is designed to share ideas and research, and reinforce key concepts that impact the delivery of service, safety and quality and their influence on the experience of patients and families across healthcare settings.

Our commitment is simple, yet bold: to positively impact healthcare globally through dialogue and the sharing of ideas.