Healthcare organizations in Canada and the United States are seeking to enhance their ability to offer patient and family centred care (PFCC). One aspect of PFCC is the participation of Patient and Family Partners (PFPs) in a variety of roles within healthcare organizations. This article describes the creation and evaluation of a hiring process that utilized a PFCC interview tool (PFCCIT) and collaborated with PFPs in interviewing candidates for healthcare positions. An evaluation of the new hiring process was designed, including an on-line survey of candidates and semi-structured interviews with healthcare leaders and PFPs. Survey results indicated candidates felt the new process helped them understand the importance of PFCC at the organization. In interviews with leaders, comments were overwhelmingly positive, with leaders urging the spread of this hiring process throughout the organization. Similarly, the four PFPs who were interviewed felt their participation was valuable, and useful in furthering the organization’s commitment to PFCC. The implementation of a staff hiring process utilizing PFPs and the PFCCIT provides a valuable tool for healthcare organizations working to enhance PFCC to better meet the needs of their patients and families. Further study is required to validate the long-term impact of this initiative and determine whether it improves recruitment and retention of staff sharing the organization’s commitment to PFCC.

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