In an effort to understand the progress and evolution of the field, a self-examination study has been administered to assess contributions to the core knowledge base in the field and to assess the degree to which articles published in Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) addressed the core elements of patient experience outlined in the definition of patient experience as offered by The Beryl Institute. The purpose of this examination is to understand PXJ’s position as a central voice for patient experience scholarship, practice, and knowledge exchange. The findings suggest that the operating definition of the field continues to be suitable and appropriate to the scope of practice and to the knowledge base in patient experience and reinforce that patient experience scholars and practitioners share a common understanding of the patient experience field. The article offers a call to action for patient experience practitioners, scholars, and educators and acknowledges that for as much as we have explored, we still do not know all that we can about patient experience. While reinforcing its core ideas, the results suggest that new themes germane to the patient experience await beyond the horizon.

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