The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) in partnership with stakeholders sought to develop the first pan-Canadian patient experiences survey for inpatient care (CPES-IC). The goal was to provide a national survey standard for comparative patient experience measures to facilitate benchmarking for quality improvement. A cognitive and pilot testing study design was performed using survey data from adult inpatient care settings. Participants included the inter-jurisdictional members (IJ), survey subject matter experts and CIHI (The Group). Cognitive testing of the survey took place in three Canadian jurisdictions in English and French languages. Thirty-nine individuals participated in one-on-one interviews. During pilot testing, twenty-six percent of surveys were completed over a five-month survey period. The main outcome measure was the development of new survey dimensions and Canadian survey questions. Survey dimensions of care important to patients including internal coordination of care, patient-centred care, discharge and transition processes were identified to develop the Canadian survey questions. Following cognitive testing, changes were made to better align the English and French survey questions. In pilot testing, several updates were applied including the adjustment of response categories, reformatting of skipped pattern questions and the omission of five questions due to high response rate of the “not applicable” category and survey questions perceived to be too “vague” by respondents. The Group recommended the implementation of the survey. Consultations using a consensus building approach and rigorous methodology led to the successful implementation of the CPES-IC, which is the first Canadian standardized patient experiences survey for hospital based inpatient care.

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