As we have engaged with community members around the world, the last few weeks have provided a unique window into the face of this crisis as we have seen not only the deadliest days on record, but have also had some of the most hopeful conversations at the same time. While we are and still will face challenges in the weeks to come, we too have seen humanity elevated in profound and powerful ways. While it can be offered with little argument that things will never be the same, in moving forward, we too can assert and I believe, that the ideas that have been fundamental to healthcare experience will remain essential for all served by and serving in healthcare. The themes that emerge in this issue, while not planned for this crisis, quite appropriately reinforce what we have seen elevated by this moment in history in which we find ourselves; that all voices matter, that collaboration and partnership matter, that listening and acting matter, that learning and agility matter, and that perseverance matters. To say we are in a time of challenge would not do this moment justice. We are facing tragedy and suffering. We are seeing inequity and systemic weaknesses revealed. We are seeing support elevated and commitment fortified. And we are experiencing a global community drawn together around a shared experience in ways few alive have ever experienced nor deemed possible. That reality, our shared reality, is where we find the essential nature of experience. In the ability to ensure the best in connectedness in a disconnected world; to see deeper into patients’ eyes and into our neighbors’ souls. These are all fundamental building blocks to a shared human experience. One we can all attest is imperfect, but one we too should all agree deserves our greatest attention.

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