While patient feedback is critical to improving the patient experience and clinical care, we are currently limited in our ability to collect feedback in real-time from hospitalized patients. This paper describes our experience and outcomes implementing Patient Experience Rounds (PER). Our model uses trained former patients or family members as volunteers to collect feedback in real-time. Through this feedback, we were able to identify areas for improvement, make adjustments in the moment, and provide targeted feedback to providers. A total of 321 patient encounters were recorded by eight PER advisors. Nursing staff received the highest percentage of positive comments. 49% of patients offered a special mention to recognize a staff member. 33% of patients offered a comment in response to the question, “What is one thing that would improve your experience.” In 16% of encounters, the advisor identified an issue or concern that required near-term follow up. This work has the potential to improve the patient experience and may be beneficial to hospitals seeking novel methods for rapidly improving the patient experience.

Experience Framework

This article is associated with the Patient, Family & Community Engagement lens of The Beryl Institute Experience Framework. (http://bit.ly/ExperienceFramework)