Patient Experience Journal is always looking for reviewers to support the process of presenting the leading edge thinking and research on healthcare topics related to and supportive of improving the patient experience. As a journal driven by the involvement and contributions of the global patient experience community, those submitting and those reviewing play equally important roles. We invite you to join us as a reviewer.

The editors would like to publicly acknowledge the people listed below who have served as reviewers with PXJ. Without their efforts, the quality of the journal could not be sustained. Including our Editorial Board, our current reviewers include:

Azza AbuDagga
Corey Adams
Stefan Agamanolis
Katie S. Andersen
Virginia Armour
Ariel C Avgar
Jane Barnsteiner
Edmund Becker
Lynda Belanger
Mandy Bellows
Rebecca A. Berman
Jenni Burt
Sally Cantwell
Helen Chiu
Calvin L. Chou
Paul A. Clark
Marcia Cooke
Caroline Costello
Martin Coulombe
Sharon Cross
Barbara Helen Davis
Roger Dmochowski
Loretta L Donovan
Kathy Dutton
Lynn A. Ehrmantraut
Kenneth J. Feldman
Andrew S Gallan
Traber Giardina
Pamela Greenhouse
Senem Guney
Fadi Hachemv
Allyson G. Hall
Jeffrey S. Harman
Jason M. Hockenberry
Susan Horky
Amy Jones
Joanna Kaufman
Abhishek Kavati
Denise M. Kennedy
Amy Kratchman
Cynthia L. Kendell
Paryush Lakhtaria
Celeste C. Lee
William G. Lehrman
Christy Lemak
Paul Ellis Lewis
Sandra Liu
Sara M. Locatelli
Paul D. Longenecker
Molly Lopez
Constantine S.L. Loum
Karen Luxford
Daniel D. Maeng
Julie Manas
Dianne Marshburn
Linda J. Mast
Fiona K. McKenzie
Theresa Mitchell
Sean Molloy
Patricia Newcomb
Victoria Niederhauser
Cynthia E. Phillips
Mary-Ellen Piche
Leslie A. Rettinger
Rhonda M. Schumpert
Anita G Shepherd
Geoffrey A. Silvera
Debora Simmons
Heather Shapiro
Kerry Stewart
Sue Sutton
Jennifer Tabler
Marylou D. Watson
Matthew T. Werder
Wlodzimierz Wisniewski
Jason A. Wolf