This article explores the idea that the assessment of candidates for the role of physician caregiver can be enhanced by evaluating their inter-personal and behavioral aptitude as well as their clinical skills. The objective of this work was to determine whether results of a structured interview correlate to performance ratings for physicians. Two data sets were collected: a structured aptitude assessment for physicians (the Physician Interview) and job performance data for physicians. Analysis of performance data allowed categorization of the physicians into three groups: top performers, contrast performers, and neither. The two data sets were then analyzed to assess the correlation between a physician’s job performance and score on the Physician Interview. The research was conducted at a multi-site, cancer care hospital system. Sixty-three physicians were nominated for inclusion. Nineteen physicians met the criteria as top performers, twenty-three as contrast performers. Twenty-one physicians were excluded, as they did not meet the criteria. Results suggest that applying the structured Physician Interview as a standard step in the selection process can significantly increase the likelihood of identifying top-performing and contrast-performing physicians before they are hired.

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