Patient experience is emerging as a key differentiating factor in patients’ choice of healthcare system. Many healthcare organizations are attempting to improve their patient experience by data-driven, patient-centered initiatives. This involves engaging all staff along all the contact points of a patient’s journey in healthcare. Perhaps, the physicians or care providers are most important link in this chain but also the most challenging to engage in improvement efforts. Most healthcare organizations have some training or workshops to educate providers on communication skills and other tools to enhance patient experience. However, there seems to a paucity of a standardized approach or a roadmap to put together a robust physician or care provider coaching or improvement partnership program with patient experience (PX) staff. There seems to be several gaps in this process. The current article attempts to develop broad guidelines and suggest a roadmap to address these gaps. The article also suggests general templates for PX staff to use in conducting these improvement work with providers and suggestions for developing a standard physician observation or shadowing template for consistency. The article has woven several commonly used tools like motivational interviewing, change management (ADKAR model), and several communication tools to suggest a detailed blue print for provider patient experience improvement partnership.

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