Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) is excited to announce the call for submissions for its July 2019 special issue on the topic of the role of technology in patient & family experience. A focus on technology and innovation will be essential in healthcare experience, requiring new ways of thinking and doing and the technologies and tools to ensure efficiencies, expand capacities and extend boundaries of care.

This special issue is open to all authors conducting cutting-edge research, implementing innovative practices or with powerful experiences to share around efforts in either creating or implementing technology focused on positively impacting the patient experience and/or expanding efforts through innovative practices and processes that push at the conventional wisdom of approaching patient experience efforts. The issue will look for pieces that address evidence-based efforts at improvement, practices that have impact on outcomes or stories that reflect the true meaning and opportunity in bringing technology and innovation to patient & family experience. It will provide an opportunity to highlight accomplishments, reveal new findings and contribute to the literature aimed at improving results. The issue will be guest edited by Timothy R. Huerta, PhD and Cindy Sieck, PhD, MPH from The Ohio State University.