This latest special issue of Patient Experience Journal focuses on the role of technology and innovation in patient experience. The articles included in this issue help us think about the ideas of innovation and health information technology (HIT) in some new and interesting ways. They also have us push the boundaries of what has framed what innovation and technology application look like in healthcare today. With this perspective, we explore the idea that HIT is not simply a process improvement tool; it is a means to elevate the human interactions at the heart of healthcare. Simultaneously in healthcare, innovation has been an essential focus in creating a safer, higher quality, more reliable and even more comfortable care experience. It has driven the capacity to ensure better care and positively impact the lives of those whom healthcare serves. At the same time, innovation as an idea has faced a challenge, for in the push to expand innovation itself, there exists the risk of diluting the concept. In addressing the opportunities we have with both HIT and innovation, we must also recognize they will forever be essential to our capacity to care for all in the care process. HIT and innovation, both distinctly and in conjunction, will drive the ability of healthcare globally to look to the future and create not only better tomorrows, but better todays. HIT and innovation at their very core support the work of healthcare, of treating illness, supporting health, creating efficiency, ensuring easier access to information and broadening knowledge. In applying HIT and pushing for innovation with the foundational idea that in healthcare we are human beings caring for human beings, those tackling these opportunities can move beyond just execution to purpose. This is the opportunity found in a reframed view of HIT and innovation and the possibility it affords; to support a growing commitment to the human experience in healthcare.

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