I was honored to have the opportunity to talk to someone I've been fortunate to meet in the past few months and who has taught me incredible things about the topic of equity in healthcare and even more so the idea of health justice, Dr. Julia Iyasere, Executive Director of the NewYork-Presbyterian Dalio Center for Health Justice. As a physician, an educator, a researcher, and I suggest an evidence-based social activist, Dr. Iyasere has led the establishment and growth of the Dalio Center in just the over 9 months since its launch. But the ideas she champions in her work come from deep in her personal story, are inspired by the path she has chosen and have been catalyzed by the moment in which we found ourselves over the last year and a half. Dr. Iyasere underlines how the realities of a world faced with COVID unearthed long established and deeply rooted issues not only in healthcare, but in society in general.

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