Our home health (HH) division has collected Home Health Care CAHPS® Survey (HHCAHPS) data since 2011. To date, HH providers have not met performance thresholds related to patient experience. This study aimed to explore HHCAHPS composite measures and specific questions to predict 1) overall rating of care provided by the agency (Care Rating) and 2) willingness to recommend home health agency to family and friends (Recommend Agency). We also explored survey comments to identify specific themes related to positive and negative patient experiences. Logistic regression (N = 7 268) revealed being treated with courtesy and respect, and providers being informed and up to date about care were the 2 most impactful factors of Care Rating. The top 2 most impactful factors for Recommend Agency were problem-free care and providers being informed and up to date about care. Thematic analyses revealed negative patient experiences were described as staff being rude, unhelpful services, and disregarding the patients’ time and schedules. Positive patient experiences were described when patients believed HH services improved their health; quality and professional services were provided by knowledgeable HH providers; and HH providers respected them, their time, and their homes. Our findings suggest that HH agencies must improve interpersonal relationships, provider communication, and clinical skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality of service with the utmost courtesy, respect, and trust; specifically, within the context of elderly adults’ desire for independence and to remain in their homes.

Experience Framework

This article is associated with the Policy & Measurement lens of The Beryl Institute Experience Framework. (https://www.theberylinstitute.org/ExperienceFramework).